Stockbridge Meeting Minutes 3/23/17

Stockbridge meeting minutes

March 23, 2017


Present:  Julie Grevengoed, Kim Bode, Eva Martinez (host), Annette VandenBerg from West Grand Neighborhood Association, Annamarie Buller from Downtown Grand Rapids Inc., Heather DeKorte, Katrin Ophoff from Conscious collective, Ryan Butz from Keen Studios, Tony Leonard and Officer Dan Robinson our community officers, John from Genesis Development, Pete Brand from Mindscape, Brad Arsulowicz from Arsulowicz Brothers Mortuary

1.     Eva tells about the ELNC.

2.     Membership introductions.

3.     Safety update – homicide, burglaries and robberies up because of summer coming, taxi cab driver almost robbed.  Make sure to keep trespass letters up to date.  Don’t encourage the homeless population by giving them things.  Report things that you notice.  (616)826-5321 is Officer Leonard’s direct number.

4.     CID Update – parking a challenge and someone from the city came to talk about that.  The new person from the parking department has a philosophy that as long as you can park within 5 minutes, that is the new norm.  Encouraged to talk about parking goals that we have as businesses and then bring that back to the city.  Talked to them about communications that go beyond postcards.  Broadway gets backed up because a lane closes for deliveries.  Parking at New Holland causes parking issues there.  Discussion about potentially going to a BID instead of CID, this changes the services and taxes, maybe try something on a volunteer basis first and see what participation we have without mandatory taxing.

5.     Committees – in order to accomplish more at meetings we are forming committees.  Membership, Marketing, Events

6.     Shifting to bi-monthly meeting and then the other month the committees will meet.

7.     Heather DeKorte – Woda Group at 745 Stocking (old Hope Network lot).  Housing developer since 1990.  Majority of their business is low income housing.  Develop and keep their properties and therefore keep them feasible long term.  Live work on the street along Stocking.  High ratio of glass to maintain required transparency.  Will be removing existing building and putting in a new building to allow for the windows wanted.  Going to the state to get help with funding.  Income and rent restricted: 30-60% of median income ($18,000-$36,000 as examples currently) is the range (affordable housing or workforce housing also termed).  They don’t kick you out if you exceed that while you are still living there.  50 units and 51 parking spaces.  Considered to be sufficient because a high walk score and many take advantage of public transportation.  City has already reviewed the plan and no variance necessary.  Front elevation has peaks about 25 feet wide to blend in with the neighborhood.  Red brick featured in the elevation to fit in with the elementary school.  Canopy along the store front to allow visual connection between the sidewalks and their units.   Right up on the street to put the density there, the back has green space to give better views to the residents/backyard neighbors.  Need a letter of support within the week.  Email out the information provided for an email vote.


Letter of support was approved via email as supported by Julie Grevenogoed, Kim Bode, Bill Smith, Paul Soltysiak, Frank Lehnen and Bob Schellenberg which is a board majority.


8.     New business – Katrin brought up blue signs for parking with an arrow pointing towards public parking lots.  Who places the sign?  Will connect with the city to help with that.

9.     April 22nd is neighborhood clean up through West Grand Neighborhood Association.


Meeting adjourned at 12:57.



2nd Round of The City of Grand Rapids’ Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF)

2nd Round of The City of Grand Rapids’ Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF)

Grand Rapids officials announced today that city residents and organizations can now apply for the second round of funding to assist with a variety of neighborhood projects. The City of Grand Rapids’ Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF) offers small contracts to Grand Rapids residents, informal groups and community organizations to support neighborhood community building. Applications for those interested are now available at